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Module 2:
Finalize your engine profile
4 hours of lessons + 1h30 of practice

Price : 120€

Alexandre peducasse.png

Do you want even more Love and Swing?

Don't panic, you can combine your Love modules with DANCE PROFILING module 2, by Alexandre Péducasse. 


What's the aim of Dance Profiling?

The main objective is always to help you discover a new approach to movement by putting the individual, and therefore you, at the centre of attention.

If you've taken Module 1 and you'd like to find out more...


In this module we'll complete your motor profile. Together we'll define your structural density and your movement preferences in space. We'll also find explanations for your rotation preferences.


We'll also complete your MBTI profile, to highlight your mental and behavioural attitude preferences, which is very important for those who want to feel better in their social dancing and also for those who take part in competitions.


What's more, being able to do this as a group will enable you to relate better and realise the differences between us all. This is one of the keys to being able to enjoy sharing our passion.





If you haven't done Module 1, or if you want to refresh your memory, Alexandre will be in Bordeaux on the weekend of 20 January for Module 1 and the two associated workshops.

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