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Dance Profiling (2).png

1 « Puppy love »

If you haven’t tried West Coast Swing yet, this intensive course for beginners is for you. You will learn all the basic steps so that you can enjoy our evening dances. No doubt you will fall for this amazing dance style !


2 « love is in the air »

This level is for those who have recently started WCS and wish to get to know more about such a fluid and fun dance style. What you want is make quick progress and fully enjoy your first dances.

3 « Lovey-dovey »

You’ve been in love with WCS for more than one year now and you master all the basic steps. You would like to add new patterns to your repertoire and live your dancing experiences more intensely.

4 « Match made in Heaven »

You’ve been in a stable and serious relationship with WCS for more than two years. Your plans for the future include improving and consolidating your Technique while creating new patterns. You’ll love the challenge !

5 « Head over Heels »

Since you fell passionately in love with WCS, you’ve been travelling all over the world and you know all about the thrill of competitions. If you scored your first point or more than one (recorded in WSDC) in the «Novice» division, you can participate and excel in this exciting workshop !


6 « Take my breath away »

You’re madly in love with WCS, you dance on a daily basis or you might even be a professional dancer. You remember your first contests with all the tenderness of a seasoned competitor. You have reached the «Intermediate» level (recorded in WSDC) and your dream is to now become a breathtakingly talented dancer.

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