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Up to 8 hours of workshop per level

1 « Puppy love »

You have never heard of WCS or just never tried? No problem, this intensive beginner level is what you need. You’ll learn the very first baby steps to be able to attend the parties at night. No doubt that you will fall in love with this dance!


2 « Bee’s Knees »

You have tasted WCS savors this year and fallen in love with this flavory dance. Its charm and fluidity have gotten to you and you already feel obsessed. You want to learn fast and get more comfortable in your first WCS festival. This level is made for you. 

3 « Sex on the beach »

You’ve been crazy about WCS for more than a year. You know all about its fragrance and flavor and now want to learn new techniques to live better experiences on the dancefloor. This level is where you want to be. 

4 « Passion Royale »

You’ve been obsessing over WCS for several years now and even want to go further by improving your technique and strengthen your basic skills while challenging yourself. This level is made for you. 

5 « Dirty Shirley Temple »

Your exhilaration for WCS has made you travel around the globe, and you have II already experienced the ecstatic joy of competition. You wish to master high-level dancing? Your first WSDC point is the sesame to this gate.

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