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Up to 13 h of workshop

Levels for everybody


Modules for all tastes

Style your basics --leader-only.png

No need to practice for years to put glitter on your triple steps.

Focused on sharing with your partner, this module will allow you to enrich your dance repertoire by providing simple variations for an effective Wow effect!

Level: 1

Solo styling.png

Focus on yourself in this module dedicated to styling.


Whether you are a leader or a follower, you will work on your posture and movements to reveal your style

Levels: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Musicality & contrast.png

Come discover the secrets of musicality to put your sensitivity at the service of different musical styles.

You will learn to become one with the music to interpret it accurately. 

Levels: 2 & 3

Training Jack'n'Jill _high and low.png

Under the spotlight, this competition training will be your ticket to victory!


This module will help you take your first steps during the Saturday evening competition, but also to improve your skills and better understand the judges' expectations, while having fun, of course.

Levels : 2 & 3 & 4

WCS teaching.png

Whether you want to embark on the adventure of teaching or you already give lessons, come and benefit from the experience of our teachers and be inspired by their pedagogy.


They will be able to guide you so that you can share your passion.

Levels : 3 & 4

Connection & energy.png

Do you want to improve your body communication to play more in your dance?

Your teachers will teach you to modulate your energy and work on the coherence of your movements to gain comfort and fluidity in the quality of your exchanges.

Levels: 1 & 2

Placement & movements.png

If you never know which foot to dance on, come and discover all the secrets of body weight transfer in this module, which will allow you a better understanding of your movement and that of your partner in order to be more attentive.

Level: 2


With Virginie and Olivier Massart, experience the thrill of the stage by discovering this choreography specially designed for the Love & Swing.

Objective: performance on Saturday evening!

> Registration for two, you are free to change partners or not

Levels: 2 & 3 & 4

Swing & blues lvl3.png

Take the opportunity to practice intensively on blues.


You will study its structure and specificities with a single rule: it has to swing!

Level: 3 

Double resistance & syncopation.png

Do you have high standards for yourself and are not afraid of being confronted with difficulty or of questioning yourself?


So come and think about the quality of your dance by addressing complex questions that will allow you to link movement, connection and music for an organic dance.

Level: 4

love your drag - carré.jpeg

A travers l’art drag, la Familips s’arme de paillettes pour toucher les cœurs et les cerveaux ! 

A l’occasion de ce workshop, qui aura lieu pendant le Love & Swing, Elips, Prudence et Bergamote partagent leur savoir-faire et leur savoir-être sur scène pour gagner en aisance et capter le public sans aucun complexe !

"Play-back, regard, gestuelle assurée et confiance en soi seront au rendez-vous. Viens dans une tenue près du corps, confortable et dans laquelle tu te sens canon ; talons ou baskets, c’est toi qui choisis tant que tu as l’envie de conquérir un public toujours plus grand !"

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